Danny DeVito Wasted No Time In Letting The Supreme Court Know How He Felt About The ‘Roe v Wade’ Overturning

As you’re no doubt aware by now, the Supreme Court’s majority has decided to roll the U.S. back several decades on abortion access. That is to say, it’s about to become extremely difficult for millions of women to access the medical procedure, should they choose to do so. And it’s pretty wild that this was made possible by Trump-appointed justices when Trump himself has flip-flopped on the issue for decades. At this point, though, there’s little to do but react as the states feel their way through this issue.

Danny DeVito wasted no time (and few words) in tweeting how he feels on Roe v. Wade essentially being vanquished. He went short and not-so-sweet while staying on brand: “Supreme Court my ass.”

Yep, he’s got a record with this approach, as reflected by his 2013 message to the now-late Antonin Scalia:

And there’s zero harm in sounding off like this because there’s little recourse to do otherwise. The highest court in the land decided to shut down reproductive rights for women, and there will be plenty of fallout. Kansas, for example, could become an unexpected travel hotspot as their clinics are prepping to accommodate women from Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana, all of which had already mostly stripped access (or they did so today) to the procedure. Not only that, but it remains difficult for women to find doctors willing to sterilize them. Let’s just say that Nick Cannon won’t be the only guy who will soon be prepping for an impending vasectomy.