Anonymous Hacked A Ton Of ISIS Twitter Accounts To Spread Some LGBTQA Support


For a while, the rogue hacker collective Anonymous dominated the social media and news worlds. The amorphous entity that is Anonymous had made bold proclamations of support towards people in need while targeting those who they felt were wielding their power irresponsibly. In fact, a big part of what got Occupy Wall Street off the ground was the support and public awareness raised by Anonymous. Since then, things have fractured quite a bit and their influence on social media and news has dwindled while they continue to stretch their resources out over many causes. One of the promises made by Anonymous was to go after ISIS, though, and it looks like that is still a very real target. tells of one member of Anonymous hacking multiple ISIS accounts on social media in the wake of the Orlando shooting to spread a pro-LGBTQA message as opposed to the usual pro-ISIS drivel. While that might not sound like the craziest thing that you’ve heard all day, remember that one of the big recruitment tools used by ISIS is Twitter and social media in general. Social media is the easiest way to reach a broad audience without needing a budget. Hacktivist WauchulaGhost has posted some screenshots of his handiwork for the world to see.

Now look, ISIS supporters tend to have a ton of accounts, and in the grand scheme of things, this hack probably won’t do much more than just piss the people who own the accounts off. That being said, WauchulaGhost claims to have hacked about 245 ISIS accounts and counting, so needless to say, this wasn’t just a few here and there. He’s been hard at work undermining their social media campaigns for sure.