This Compilation Of Edgar Wright’s Visual Comedy Reminds Us Of What We’ll Be Missing In ‘Ant-Man’

Edgar Wright vacated the director’s chair for Marvel’s Ant-Man over “differences in their vision of the film”. Plenty of rumors abounded regarding his reasons, and the closest thing to an answer we may ever get is a deleted tweet. Now we just have to wonder if Paul Rudd and the other lead actors will proceed as planned, or if their contracts hinged on Ant-Man being an Edgar Wright film.

And what’s so great about being an Edgar Wright film? Thanks for asking, voice in my head.

Tony Zhou edited the constructive video below, which explains how most comedies are missing opportunities for good visual comedy. Zhou uses clips from Edgar Wright’s oeuvre as an example of competent visual comedy from which other directors should take cues. Wright’s work is filled with memorable little moments like this:

Can you imagine an Ant-Man with Paul Rudd’s acting and Edgar Wright’s visual comedy? We’re all a sad Buster Keaton today.

Via Kottke