Antonio Banderas Leads The Robot Revolution In The First ‘Automata’ Trailer

As we build and introduce robots that are more and more complex into human society, it’s going to bring up a tough question nobody has the answer to: When do robots become complex enough, independent enough, that they’re a new form of life? That appears to be a question Automata wants to answer, and the trailer is rather promising as a sci-fi action movie.

The plot is pretty straightforward: Antonio Banderas is a robot insurance investigator who finds a robot that’s modified itself. That’s a no-no under the semi-Asimov’s laws they operate under in this universe, and, needless to say, Banderas quickly finds out there are lot more of these robots than anyone realizes. In true SF movie style, he’s won over by the robots and has to figure out a way to defend them from the corporation that wants them dead.

It also appears, like any interesting sci-fi movie lately, to be getting a token-at-best theatrical release; Millennium Films will be rolling it out On Demand and theatrically at the same time, and they haven’t even bothered to put up a website for the movie. But we’ll actually get to see it, which in the end is the most important part. Keep an eye out for it on October 10th.