‘Archie Vs. Predator’ Is Every Bit As Strange (And Awesome) As It Sounds

It sounds like an April Fool’s Day joke: Dark Horse Comics and Archie Publications are teaming up to put out a crossover between American’s beloved indecisive ginger Archie Andrews and the brutal alien killing machine known as The Predator. But it’s real. I’ve read the first issue. And it’s actually great.

First of all, Fernando Ruiz and Rich Koslowski deserve awards for what they’ve pulled off here, artwise. The entire story is done directly in the classic Archie house style… right up to and including the Predator. Furthermore they manage to work in all the classic bits of both franchises, from the pratfalls to the thermal vision, in a way that makes sense. The house style of Archie becomes a straight-faced joke, and one that’s consistently funny the more they’re called on to stray from the sweet and innocent.

Secondly, Alex de Campi, no stranger to genre mashups, doesn’t pull any punches. This isn’t a wacky, Scooby-Doo-like story where the Predator gets smacked with doors and accidentally beaten up by Dilton. The Predator is the Predator, full stop, and used to dramatic effect. De Campi actually has quite a facility with the goofy broad comedy that’s an Archie trademark, and it really gives this book the feel of an Archie comic. Just… one where brutal murders happen.

Is it ridiculous? Oh, absolutely. But both companies have committed to making the seemingly impossible work, and it’s worth a read. It’ll be in stores April 15.