Artists Take On The Metroid

05.17.11 8 years ago

Image by Bryce Corbett
One of the most enigmatic little life-suckers in video game history, the metroids, have inspired literally hundreds of artistic interpretations around the Internet. With their creepy legs, transparent, jellyfish bodies and orb-like, internal veins and organs, metroids give a lot for artists to work with. Their long running history in video games has allowed for many adaptations from game designers to fit the ever improving graphic capabilities, further freeing up the creatures for more reinterpretations.
Continue to check out some of our favorite re-imaginings of the metroid.

Image by Kahlure

Image by MiseryCrown

Image by Typhoon8

Image by Jaime Margary

Image by MiseryCrown

Image by Mark Gil Perez

Image by Manuel Samolo Molohua

Image by Plasma-Punk


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