Bartenders On Reddit Spilled The Gin On What They Really Think Of You

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10.09.15 13 Comments


Bartenders see some serious sh*t on a daily basis, and people often treat them like counselors when they don’t get paid nearly as much. As such, bartenders must passive-aggressively enjoy judging their high maintenance clientele as a means of quiet revenge. The enterprising bartenders of Reddit decided to enjoy a little venting by spilling all their judgments onto the Internet.

Customers sort of know the drill already, for the prospect of ordering in a bar can be daunting. Many people skip the decisions and fall into ordering the same stuff on a repeated basis. Others are brave enough to shake it like a martini, thereby mixing up the same boring routine. Just know that your bartender is probably judging your choice, and you probably deserve it for being a bad tipper. Let’s get down to the judgy secrets spilling from these bartenders’ mouths:

User aquintana gets things started correctly with a handy rundown:

“Manhattan: young dude trying to look classy or something
Cosmo: chick trying to loosen up for ladies night
Draft domestic beer: casual drinker
Draft domestic beer and well shot: alcoholic
Whiskey neat or on the rocks: someone who really needs a drink
Old Fashioned: see manhattan
Rusty Nail: old man
Bahama Mama: someone who recently watched Cocktail
Alabama Slammer: see Bahama Mama
Vodka Rocks, twist: see Beer and shot”

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