‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’ Will Have You Stabbing Nazis As Well

You might have read that headline and thought, “Mr. Seitz, clearly you have your games confused. There are no Nazis in Revolution-era France! They were a few centuries away!” And you’d be right! They were! But that’s not stopping Ubisoft!

This does actually have an in-universe explanation; remember, this isn’t actually the time-period, but some schmoe in the Matr-er, Animus, experiencing that time period through his genetic ancestral memory. Or something. Anyway, point is, you’re some dude in an Arno suit, and the Animus malfunctions, according to the trailer. This appears to be a part of the actual game, not a DLC campaign

So you wind up in Vichy France, and not with the fun Vichy French, but the kind that will strafe you on the Eiffel Tower with fighters and blimps. Also we’re assuming you run into B.J. Blazkowicz and give him a hand, because why not?

Yeah, it’s completely goofy and utterly out of left field. It also mostly seems to center around the Eiffel Tower, so I’m assuming it’s a breather mission or something similar worked into the actual game. But if Arno is going to spend at least some time hopping between the various eras of Paris history, that’s actually a cool idea. And one I sort of wish they’d brought up a little earlier.