At Least One Thing About Hollywood's Akira Remake Was Good — Beautiful Akira Storyboards Uncovered

So, Hollywood’s remake of Akira is on hiatus, and well, it’s probably best for everyone if it just stays there. That said, while an all-white-person Akira is a pretty terrible idea, it’s not like there weren’t some talented people working on the project — people like Sylvain Despretz, a concept and storyboard artist that has worked on Gladiator, Tron: Legacy and entries in the Terminator and Alien series.
Despretz’s Akira storyboards are beautiful, and aside from all the characters having blonde hair, look fairly faithful in tone and style to the original manga and anime. You can check them out for yourself after the jump…

via SuperHeroHype
Art by Sylvain Despretz 

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