Attack The Enterprise: Joe Cornish May Be Directing ‘Star Trek 3’

Joe Cornish’s last movie basically featured toothy, violent tribbles, so this Star Trek thing might work. 

If you still haven’t seen Attack The Block, well, you really need to get on that. It’s one of the best sci-fi movies of the last few years — basically, it’s a classic 80s-style cute monsters movie (think Gremlins or Critters) expertly updated for the 2010s.

Joe Cornish, the writer/director of Attack The Block is already writing Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man, but he might have an even bigger gig lined up — word is Paramount’s eyeing him to direct Star Trek 3. Cornish is also writing an adaptation of Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash for Paramount, so obviously the studio is sweet on the dude.

Anyways, I think Cornish would be a great choice to take over Star Trek. I think he could capture the fun, adventurous tone of The Original Series without turning Star Trek 3 into a lens-flare-laden, Michael Bay-esque assault. Also, I’m sure he’ll be able to write more authentic Scottish banter for Simon Pegg — get ready for the first Star Trek to be rated R for near-constant use of the c-word.

via Deadline Hollywood