Hundreds Of Australians Gathered To Say “Wow” In Honor Of Owen Wilson

The world feels especially divisive these days, and it can often seem like there are more things keeping us from connecting than the common unifiers. Even still, it seems that every once in a while, something particularly strange comes along and brings people together in an unexpected way. Today’s weird bonding experience? Saying “wow” like Owen Wilson.

No, really. A Facebook page Owen Wilson Wowposting planned an event in Melbourne, Australia, on Monday afternoon for fans of the actor and the meme that he spawned to meet in in Federation Square to say “wow” like Wilson in unison. Yes, this is for real, and yes, a lot of people showed up.

Nic Zoumboulis, the page’s administrator and the event’s coordinator claimed that he put the event together for the “the positivity of a simple wow.” He told ABC Radio:

I get very fixated on doing impressions of people, and Owen Wilson, that iconic voice, I couldn’t get past him. People say you need an outlet for thins, and let me to making a page about him and this while ridiculous event.

Is this event dumb? Oh, certainly. Do people seem to be having a good time? Again, certainly. In a world often ripped apart, sometimes you have to celebrate the small things that unite us, even when they’re utterly ridiculous.

(Via Mashable)