Awesomeness Mates With Amazing In The Art of Jann VanZant

Some days it’s just great to be a blogger. And by some days I mean today because today I discovered the mind altering awesomeness that is Jann VanZant aka Legendary Tiger Hero. This art will honestly melt the eyes out of your skull like in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. I had to consult with my boss before posting this because I was afraid our servers would implode.
From his profile:

You may wonder “who is this guy? Is he worth a d–n?”
Well, I ask you this:
Do you like robots?
Do you have a fondness for wailing guitars?
Do you laugh in the face of vomit?
If you answered “Hell, yeah!” while mimicking a guitar shred (Wheeerrrrr!!!) then I have the goods for you!!

Check out our favorites of VanZant’s work in the gallery or purchase your own VanZant original oil painting here.

Shark vs. Narwhal by Jann VanZant

Plight of the Seabots by Jann VanZant

Batman Pukin’ his Friggin Guts Out by Jann VanZant

Bazooka Whale by Jann VanZant

Van Damme Screaming His F-king Face Off by Jann VanZant

Cthulhu Awakens and Totally Shreds a Sweet Ass Guitar Solo by Jann VanZant

Jabba Barfs his Guts all the way Down to Pizza Hutt by Jann VanZant

Sea Battle Masterpiece by Jann VanZant

Portrait of a Sweet Dude Rockin a Sweeter than Hell Wolf Shirt by Jann VanZant