Awful Twilight Hack: “Alias” Set In Larger Marvel Universe

Now that Melissa Rosenberg is finished writing a series of awful movies about a whiny teenager and her gay vampire boyfriend, and is working on touching “Highlander” in its no-no place for 2014, what else can she ruin? Marvel? Great.

Apparently, “Alias Jessica Jones”, Marvel Studio’s first shot at a serious television drama, had a pilot written, and they’re waiting for approval to shoot. Also, Rosenberg claims that the series is “absolutely” set in the larger Marvel universe, although she can’t really use any characters that have already been licensed by other studios, which means the X-Men and the Avengers are mostly safe, at least.

Marvel, you might want to sit down and actually watch “Birds of Prey” before letting this woman loose in your franchise toybox. We’re just saying, you’re placing a degree of faith in her abilities that seems to be, how do we put this, a bit unearned.

[ via the AKAs over at HitFix ]