Back in 1982 Some Fans Snuck Onto the Set of Return of the Jedi With an 8mm Camera — Here's Their Secret Footage

The title pretty much says it all. Most of the original Star Wars trilogy was filmed in hard to access areas in distant countries like Tunisia, but the memorable Jabba the Hutt scenes from Return of the Jedi were filmed in California’s Buttercup Valley (sarlacc’s are totally into buttercups). This set was, apparently, far more nerd-accessible. We’ve already seen some fan-snapped pictures from the set, but now a full seven-minute mini-documentary has shown up online.

Hit the jump for the video. There’s no sound, but the images will speak for themselves for Star Wars fans. Oh, and yes, it does contain metal bikini Leia…

Love Bobba Fett dangling on a wire. I’ve never really understood the popularity of Bobba Fett, and this isn’t helping. Also a thing I love — Mark Hamill (I’m pretty sure it’s Mark Hamill) just karate kicking his little heart out between shots.

via io9