Let’s Compare The ‘Back To The Future’ Cast Now Vs. When They Were Aged Thirty Years By Makeup

The closer we get to 2015 — the thirty year anniversary of the original Back to the Future and the future date the sequel visits — I’ve been focusing the majority of my BTTF energy on the lack of flying cars and hovering skateboards I was led to believe would be integrated into mainstream culture by now. I haven’t given much thought to the aging of the actors who were often in makeup portraying thirty year older versions of themselves. But it does beg the obvious question: Just how good of a job did 80s costume and makeup do in the films?

With that in mind one Redditor put together the below image comparison for all of us to assess and discuss. I felt like Michael J. Fox deserved his own side-by-side with future loser Marty so I made the above. I would have lost good money on the double tie vs. the deep V.

I think we can all agree that A) Biff: nailed it!, B) Leah Thompson is holding up all right, and C) Crispin Glover is the weirdest f-ing human on the planet.

It should also be noted that Zemekis and Spielberg never get enough credit for making that timeline easy on the math. Thanks guys!

Via Reddit. Banner via Getty Images.