Bad Luck Brian Is Actually Surprisingly Lucky Kyle, Gives Reddit AMA

Normally, when we highlight Reddit AMAs (Ask Me Anything) around here, it’s to highlight the Q&A’s from comedians, directors, and guys spectacularly failing to interest us in Rampart. Last night, however, we were graced with an AMA from the subject of one of our meme watches.

Living embodiment of all our worst yearbook photos Bad Luck Brian signed on to Reddit to answer questions, only some of them related to his girlfriend. About that girlfriend: he’s been dating her for six years, and the photo was taken five years ago when he was 17. Yes, this means Bad Luck Brian already had a girlfriend for a year when the photo was taken, and he was dressing like that in 2007. We could have sworn it was a much older photo.

His user name is coyotecarl — although his name is Kyle, not Carl — and we’ve condensed some of the highlights of this Q&A session below.

The story behind the photo:

But it worked out in the end:

He then posted the blurry photo to the left side of the banner picture. The responses were pure Bad Luck Brian:

Speaking of Bad Luck Brian moments…

At least he enjoys being recognized.

He talks about the extent of his bad luck compared to the meme’s bad luck.

That prompted a couple picture responses from other Redditors:

It turns out Kyle is actually quite lucky.

But his family is helping him stay humble about this luck and internet fame:

And just one final picture I couldn’t leave out:

You can read the rest at Reddit.