Bald Eagle Crashes Into Window At Christian University As Students Chant ‘U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A’

This is why it’s a bad idea to release a bald eagle in a auditorium filled with holy rollers, or filled with anyone for that matter.

Reports the Tulsa World:

Oral Roberts University students gasped and shrieked Wednesday morning when a bald eagle that was part of a special chapel service failed to fly to its trainer, crashed into a window at Christ Chapel on campus and collapsed to the floor. “It was a bit shocking to see, but we’re thankful the eagle is OK,” said ORU spokeswoman Carissa Bratschun. She said the eagle was supposed to fly straight to the trainer who was standing on stage. Instead, it circled the auditorium. “It had practiced five or six times,” she said. “When the time came, we’re not sure what happened. It flew around the room and then hit a window.”

I’m also pretty sure this might be a federal offense. Just saying.

(via Magary. Pic via Wikipedia)