‘Batcat V Supercat’ Might Be Better Than ‘Batman V Superman’

Entertainment Editor

Imagine a DC Universe that Zack Snyder doesn’t have his hands in, but instead, has his paws all over. What if Batman V Superman wasn’t a near 3-hour experience of incoherent angst intermixed with gorgeous special effects and Batman going ham on bad guys with guns. What if it was two cats doing what has to be done right meow, lest the world crumble under the weight of the evil Jokercat’s plans from Barkham Asylum?

Okay, Barkham Asylum isn’t a real thing, but it could’ve been. You can have that one for free, genius creator of Batcat vs. Supercat, Kaipotainment, I’m not kitten you. This small studio deserves the world after delivering us a purrfect action-packed showdown between the two caped Catsaders, that has explosions, and delivers the type of feels that only a helmeted kitty facing down a laser-eyed cat can provide. It’s probably one of those videos the young felines will want to watch on catnip, but I can tell you that even sober, this is a fun ride.

We’re going to keep this spoiler-free, but where do we go with Batcat and Supercat from here? Is Catwoman just going to be a woman in the sequel, or how does that work?

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