The ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Launch Trailer Makes It Look Like The Best ‘Arkham’ Yet

Batman: Arkham Origins arrives this Friday, so that means it’s time for a launch trailer, and damn, this is a good ‘un. The launch trailer mostly focuses on the game’s main antagonist, Black Mask, but it also features glimpses of all the assassins we know about so far (including Lady Shiva). Still no official confirmation of who the eighth assassin is, but I have a feeling Warner Bros might be holding back because the identity of the final assassin is a major storyline spoiler. Hmmm, doesn’t Ra’s Al Ghul head up an assassin-themed organization? Just sayin’.

Check out the trailer below…

Yeah, I honestly think this might be the best Arkham yet. That or Warner Bros. just have some very good trailer editors working for them. Friday can’t come fast enough.

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