‘Batman Vs Superman’ Can Only Hope To Be As Good As ‘Badman Vs Superman’

Did you know Superman based his alter ego Clark Kent on the movie Newsies? That’s one of the completely-true facts we’ve just learned from the newest Batman parody by Pete Holmes. We posted his “Wolverine gets fired” parody earlier in the week. These segments are recurring sketches on The Pete Holmes Show, coming to TBS after Conan starting October 28th.

Check it out below to see “rich and nuts” Batman start an argument with lame-wad Superman, with jokes like “Hope starts with an ‘H’, stupid” and this exchange:

Batman: “Get over your dead parents already.”

Superman: “Didn’t your parents die?”

Batman: *cries*

There’s some NSFW language, so bust out the trusty bat-headphones.

(via Pete Holmes)