Beastly New “X-Men: First Class” Clips

05.20.11 8 years ago 2 Comments

So have you heard of this X-Men: First Class movie yet?  We may have and there.  After the jump is a clip of Hank McCoy (Beast, played by Nicholas Hoult) asking for a sample of blood from Raven Darkholme (Mystique, played by Jennifer Lawrence) when she was hoping for a different kind of injection, by which I mean a flu shot of course.  Can’t be too careful, you lot of perverts.

Speaking of perverts, the three TV spots following that clip have just a hint of Emma Frost being a badass in a bra.  If this were the pre-internet days, that would be considered a high-schooler’s porn substitute when the waterlogged magazine hidden in the forest goes missing.  But now we have the internet, so pictures of January Jones in a bra are a Google search away and the waterlogged magazine in the forest has been replaced with a folder titled “Tax Forms/Schedule D 2007/skeet skeet skeet“.

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