Because The Internet Demanded It, Here Are All 7 ‘Community’ Remedial Chaos Theory Timelines At Once

10.18.11 8 years ago

As I mentioned and joined in on yesterday with The Best of #Remedial Chaos Theory, the internet has pretty much been obsessed with one of the finest half hours in television history since it aired. And guess what folks, the inevitable YouTube video that plays all of the seven different timelines simultaneously is finally here! Cajun Boy alerted me to the work of video editor Evil Abed — who is either the actual Evil Abed or just a dedicated Canadian fan judging from the City TV logos — this morning and I couldn’t get to it fast enough.

Some of you may find it a little chaotic, like a Chinese buffet, but having all the timelines juxtaposed against one another is simply an acquired taste that may require a few viewings, also like a Chinese buffet. The video allows you to pick up on the subtle differences. Some sequences are longer than others; the chaos timeline is the shortest; Britta sings, Jeff headbutts the fan, and I’m reminded that I like “Roxanne” more than I think I do at slightly different points in each timeline.

True timeline is in the center with the ultimate chaos timeline to the right of it. I would have gone with Magnitude “pop-pops” on a loop instead of the show intro for filler squares, but that may have added to the chaos, so good call Evil Abed. Also, Dan Harmon recently addressed all the conspiracy theory speculation going around on his Tumblr in case you missed it. If you’re one of those people who likes believing in conspiracy theories you probably want to continue to skip it though.

Evil Abed via Little Movie Nerd

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