Being A Geek Now Officially Cool

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In a recent telephone survey of one thousand American adults, 57% said being called a geek is a compliment, and 65% said everyone is a geek about something.  82% said it’s more socially-acceptable to be a geek now than it was 15 years ago.  Additionally, almost 20% identified themselves as geeks.  When asked if they’d rather be called a geek or a jock, twice as many people opted to be called a geek.  Also, being a “professional blogger” was deemed to be one of the top jobs for geeks.  How did they know?

This news came out yesterday, and it couldn’t have happened at a better time:

Not only is today [yesterday, May 25th] Towel Day (in honour of Douglas Adams), Star Wars Day (A New Hope was first released on this day back in ‘77), and the Glorious 25 May (for Pratchett fans), but it is also the 6th Annual ‘Geek Pride Day‘. [Wired]

I didn’t like the charting method Wired used to present the data, so I made this:

It just seemed right.

[Thanks to Jirish for the banner picture, although I’m not sure how he found my senior photos.]

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