Ben Carson’s Campaign Is Celebrating Geography Awareness Week In A Weird And Embarrassing Way

Republican Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Campaigns In Las Vegas Area
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In a post on social media Tuesday night, Ben Carson’s campaign tweeted out a map of the United States, highlighting the states whose governors oppose aid and support for Syrian refugees. Only… something wasn’t quite right. Somehow, inexplicably, Carson’s people put the states in the wrong places on a United States map — as in, the actual country which Carson is running for president of.

Furthermore, it took them almost a day to notice, as the posts containing the erroneous map wasn’t removed from Facebook or Twitter until the following morning. But because nothing really disappears from the internet, here’s a screenshot:

The Washington Post took the liberty of pointing out the exact discrepancies, which you can also see in the below closeup.

As you can see, in Carson’s map the states of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine are moved northeast by about 150 miles or so. Vermont and New York now have hundreds of miles of new beachfront property. Massachusetts shares a border with Canada. Maine straddles what is now the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.

Also, if you look closely at the mid-Atlantic area, you’ll see that Virginia’s portion of the Delmarva Peninsula is colored red to match Maryland, rather than gray with the rest of Virginia.

Ben Carson wasn’t the only GOP candidate having problems this week, though. During one of Donald Trump’s campaign stops in Knoxville on Monday, it was noted that the word “Tennessee” was spelled incorrectly on campaign posters:

A reminder — this week is Geography Awareness Week.

(Via The Washington Post, Mashable)