Ben & Jerry’s HarassMint Chocolate Chip Is The Ice Cream Herman ‘Black Walnut’ Cain Doesn’t Want To Talk About

Our pal Jon Defreest typically sticks to over-the-top pop culture characters — Jeff Lebowski, Tobias Fünke, Dexter Morgan and Jack Donaghy among them — as subjects but for his fake Ben & Jerry’s flavor variations, but former Godfather’s Pizza CEO and Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has become such an absurd figure in recent days, what with the revelations that he’s paid multiple women a buttload of money to settle sexual harassment claims and his stubborn refusal not to talk about it, that he couldn’t help but cross Jon’s wide cultural radar. And so it came to be that he made his latest creation for our friends at Buzzfeed, and we, the rest of the internet, get to enjoy the goodness of it by proxy.

Yes, this is pretty much perfect. The only criticism we could make is that it should have included black walnuts, but that would just make us nitpicky as$holes, wouldn’t it?

(HT: Buzzfeed)