Benicio Del Toro’s Replacement In Star Trek 2 Is Auditioning Via Skype

Hey, how’d this guy get in my well-appointed living room?

Negotiations with Benecio Del Toro to play the lead villain in Star Trek 2 fell through, which leaves Paramount and J.J. Abrams scrambling to find a replacement for the film which starts shooting next month. Variety reports that Édgar Ramírez (pictured above) is the frontrunner, with Jordi Molla (Colombiana) also being considered. Venezuelan actor Ramírez is known for starring in Carlos, Che, Domino, Vantage Point, The Bourne Ultimatum, and the upcoming Wrath Of The Titans.

Nestled in Variety’s article was this amazing piece of information:

Ramirez was expected to test for the role via Skype this week, as Abrams hopes to make a quick decision with production looming.

Wait, hold up. You mean they didn’t make the guy travel for hours to some office the director isn’t even at, only to be videotaped doing an audition, and then some low-level employee has to also drive two hours in insane traffic to hand deliver the video to the director? Are they saying someone in Hollywood let an actor do basically the same sort of taped performance from home, over this crazy newfangled “internet” thingamabob, thus saving everyone hours of time? I can’t believe anyone in L.A. would do something as efficient and sensible as this. I guess you could say they are boldly going where no studio has gone before. Zing! Play me off, Johnny!