The Best Of #Between Two Ferns

I’m not a big video series guy. Too much commitment. The only one I’ve ever anxiously anticipated is Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis (co-created by our good buddy Scott Aukerman!). It is the funniest web series that ever series’d and Funny or Die’s greatest contribution to the internet. These are indisputable facts.

Seeing how there’s a very strong possibility that the movie Zach and Will Ferrell are currently promoting the hell out of isn’t all that funny (call it a hunch), I’d like to dedicate the week’s Best of # to something Galifianakis-centric that never disappointed. Thanks to the swarms of obsessive image makers on Tumblr we can now enjoy the best moments Between Two Ferns has offered up without clicking play repeatedly.

He’s really not that fat, you guys.