The Best Of Dinky The Dog, The Vine Account You Didn’t Know You Needed

Awhile back the picture above was making the rounds, featuring “Brendan P. Winans” the world’s swaggiest real estate agent. Now we’ve learned the true identity of this masterful salesman after Orangehouse posted these GIFs:

The GIFs led us on a search through a cave filled with bats, into a temple filled with lost treasures protected by mysterious Mayan temple guards, over a snake pit (Why’d it have to be snakes?) and ending at the Vine account of Dinky. This five-year-old Peekapoo dog has an account full of gems, whether he’s wooing us with 2 Chainz lyrics or regaling us with stories about his b*tches.

Our favorite Dinky videos are collected here, and you can check out the rest on Dinky’s Vine.

NSFW audio, of course.

Check out the rest on Dinky’s Vine.