Twitter Has More Don Lemon Style Suggestions With #DonLemonReporting

CNN’s Don Lemon added another derp moment to his list of many on Tuesday, when he asked a woman who accused Bill Cosby of raping her why she didn’t bite her alleged rapist’s penis, prompting us to sideye Lemon like everyone in the picture above is doing. We shouldn’t even have to say this, but here’s why it’s an absurdly stupid question: if you do anything to a rapist that enrages them without instantly killing them or knocking them unconscious, you’ll probably get murdered.

Twitter didn’t let the gaffe slide. Soon #DonLemonReporting was trending, a hashtag chock-full of snark and cringe humor as people tweeted other questions and helpful suggestions about avoiding abuse and tragedies. We’ve collected our favorite tweets below.

To be fair, Lemon later apologized, but, you know, if you don’t want to become a Twitter joke, there are ways to avoid that.