The Best Of #George Michael Bluth

Throughout the month Ron Howard has been using his Twitter account (here and here) to tease Arrested Development fans with glimpses into the highly anticipated revival, but over the weekend it was Jason Bateman who took things to the next level with tweets entitled “My son, arriving yesterday” and “A grandson, looking for his Gangee.”

In case you’re not a fan of context clues and are shy with clickthroughs, Bateman shared photos of Michael Cera on set, prepared to reprise the role of George Michael Bluth. I, for one, have been a little skeptical about Cera’s ability to get back into character — what, with all the ironic mustaches and lesbian hair and whatnot — but it looks as if he’s successfully honed everyone’s favorite Mr. Manager once again. They can’t fully replicate the baby fat and amazing short sleeve button downs, of course, but I suspect we’re in store for an older, wiser George Michael Bluth.

With all that in mind I can’t think of a better time to pay tribute to one of my five favorite Arrested Development characters and some of his best moments from the first three seasons. Bring Ann Hog along if you like.