The Best Of #Larry David

With it being a holiday week and all I initially felt like I should give today’s installment some sort of patriotic treatment, but then I could find only so many “Welcome to Earf” GIFs and star spangled bikini bottom photos. Luckily for me today is True American Larry David’s birthday and I’ve wanted to compile a bunch of Larry Davidisms in one place for a long time, so the whole thing just worked itself out. I’m kind of Even Steven like that.

Curb Your Enthusiasm quit being must see television for me somewhere in the late 2000s, but I’ve frequently checked in and the one thing that never changes is the endless supply of web-friendly one-liners. I’ve included all my favorites I could find attached to some form of media here. Apologies in advance for being short on Greg. I haven’t paid enough attention to know if there’s another season of Curb in store for the future, but on what should prove to be a lazy summer week full of friends and family I think the timing is right to sit back and allow Larry to get us in the right state of mind.