Our 20 Favorite Works From The 'Rayguns and Robots!' Sci-Fi Art Show

“MST3K Attacks” by Chet Phillips

James Monosmith’s Ltd. Art Gallery in Seattle premiered the “Rayguns and Robots!” sci-fi art show earlier this month. The exhibition runs until July 22nd and features new works from 40 artists influenced by 1940s and ’50s sci-fi aesthetic and classic franchises like Star Trek, MST3K, and Blade Runner.
The show is being guest curated by Chris Jackson, the art director of Acme Archives (publisher of art from Pixar, Disney, The Simpsons, etc.) and the frontman for the band Nice Guy Eddie.
Our 20 favorite works of sci-fi art from the 70 on display at Rayguns and Robots! are gathered below. All pictures courtesy of Ltd. Art Gallery. Thanks to Wired for the assist.

“Alchemy” by Darren LeGallo

“In Case of Killbots” by N.C. Winters

“Futuristic Retro Robot” by Mike Capp

“They Came From Beyond Space” by Ken Keirns

“Uhura’s Mugato Mirror Conspiracy” by Augie Pagan

“Radioactive Lazer Dinosaur Jump Rope Tokyo Disaster” by Mikeatron!

“Spare Some Change?” by Justin Hilgrove

“Man Melter” by Jane Kenoyer

UNTITLED by Mark Covell

“Deckard’s Blaster” by Tristan Reidford

“Captain Monk-O-Tron 5000” by Chet Phillips

“Lost But Not Forgotten” by Nathan Spoor

“Bot Brush” by Neysa Bove

“Space Calevera” by Jonathon Bergeron

“Blue Robot” by Wednesday Wolf

“Forbidden Planet” by Andrew Taylor

“60s Swingers” by Jayson Weidel

“Three Laws” by Samuel Ho “Sho”

“Where Everybody Knows Your Name” by Josh Ellingson