And Now For Part Two Of The 'Between Two Ferns' Oscar Buzz Bonanza

If it seems like only yesterday I was sharing Part One of the “Between Two Ferns” Oscar Buzz special that’s because we all need to get out more. But since we won’t below we have the heart-pounding conclusion to the extra special edition of everyone’s favorite video series, featuring heavy-hitters like Jessica Chastain, Sally Field, and sounds like Daniel Day Lewis.

Oh, and did I mention the triumphant Oscar nominated return of pantheon guest Bradley Cooper? Yeah, he’s here too. Like always, some most-likely-to-be-skipped primer notes before we get to the video itself.

  • I jumped the gun on name/title graphics praise yesterday. This installment is for winners.
  • You’re seconds away from discovering EXACTLY what the real Maya looks like.
  • Nice of Sally Field to participate even though she doesn’t know what the f*ck is going on.
  • Bradley Cooper sends awesome text messages.

OK, enough from me. Enjoy…

Seriously, if anyone ever bags on Cooper his “Between Two Ferns” appearances have to be offered up in his defense.

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