Anti-Putin Human Rights Activist Bill Browder Dropped A ‘Bullsh*t’ Live On Fox News

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Fox and Friends invited human rights activist Bill Browder on air Thursday morning to discuss the new information about the infamous Russian dossier, which has now been revealed to have been DNC-funded opposition research by the Washington-based investigation and intelligence firm, Fusion GPS. Browder’s appearance comes right after the U.S. state department revoked his visa suspiciously on the same day Russia issued an arrest warrant for him through Interpol. An anti-Putin activist, Browder was the main reason the U.S. passed the Magnitsky Act, a law that froze assets of various Russian officials.

When questioning the legitimacy of Fusion GPS dossiers, host Steve Doocy asked Browder whether or not he found it “extraordinary” that the FBI could look at the dossier and take it at face value, knowing the reputation of the company. “Well, the FBI is full of very smart people and I’m sure they can separate bullsh*t,” Browder started off. “Oh, excuse me, from bad stuff from, from good stuff, the … ah, um, he’s definitely not, Glenn Simpson’s definitely not a credible person.”

Glenn Simpson, of course, is the co-founder of Fusion GPS and a former Wall Street Journal reporter who is currently in the center of this whole DNC Russian dossier scandal.

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