Bill Burr Predicted Kanye West’s Anti-Semitic Comments In A Resurfaced Standup Clip From 2017

Bill Burr saw Kanye West’s descent into anti-Semitism coming years ago. Footage from the comedian and The Mandalorian actor’s 2017 Netflix special, Walk Your Way Out, has resurfaced following the rapper’s appearance on The Alex Jones Show last week, where he out-crazied the conspiracy theorist host by claiming “I like Hitler” and “I love Nazis.”

The relevant section of the set begins with Burr crediting himself for being good at “picking out psychos,” like West. His wife was a fan and he was, too, until he watched him give an interview. “He was talking sh*t about how great he was, and there was just this look that was in his eye, and it just made me nervous,” Burr said. He continued:

Literally, a chill ran down my spine, and I just started thinking, like, ‘No! No! No!’ And I turned, and I looked. Before it even registered that it was Kanye, my first thought was, ‘Oh, thank God. Oh, thank God. It’s just a Black guy.’ ‘Thank God! It’s just a Black guy.’ Yeah, I know, you’re right to pull back. It’s right to get awkward, you don’t know where this could go. This could very easily go in a Klan-ish direction, okay? So just let me clarify. Just hear me out. I’m thinking, ‘Thank God it’s a Black guy,’ meaning, ‘Thank God that ego that is in him…’ When that thing floated down from the heavens, or the cosmos, whatever the hell Joel Osteen sh*t you believe… When that thing was floating down, it could have landed in anybody. Thank God… it landed in a Black guy. Thank God it got wrapped up in that, trapped within that. It’s safe in there. No reason to worry when it’s in there, because if that ego, however, had floated down… and landed in a blue-eyed white dude, there is no telling the damage that could have been done. You’re talking entire civilizations wiped out… worldwide famine, the moon colliding with the Earth. Thank God that ego landed in a Black guy.

The part that’s gone viral is Burr saying, “Next time Kanye is going off on himself, close your eyes, forget it’s him, and really listen to what is coming out of this guy’s mouth. He says sh*t like, ‘I’m a genius, I’m a god, I’m Shakespeare. My biggest regret is that I’ll never get to see myself perform live!’ That’s a direct quote: ‘I’ll never get to see myself perform live.’ Dude, you put that ego in a white dude, and he’d be [impersonates Hitler].”

You can watch the clip below.

(Via Bro Bible and Scraps From the Loft)