Bill Burr Slammed Trump As One Of The Best ‘Accidental’ Stand-Up Comics ‘Of All F*cking Time’

Bill Burr offered up some rare “praise” of Donald Trump on the latest episode of his Monday Morning Podcast. Granted, the compliment was completely back-handed in every way, but when you manage to make a veteran comic like Burr laugh, well, that’s not an easy feat. It all went down as Burr revealed that someone had been sending him clips of Trump, and that’s when Burr couldn’t help but notice that the former president knows how to riff even if none of it makes a lick of sense. Case in point: The time he accused people of wielding “heavy bags of soup” to attack police officers.

“Somebody was sending me clips of Donald Trump and I have to tell you, he is one of my favorite accidental stand-up comedians or comedic actors of all f*cking time,” Burr said before blasting anyone who actually believed anything Trump was saying. “I cannot take anybody seriously that voted for that guy. I can’t! I just — like how many times can you look the other way with this guy.”

Despite being baffled that people fell for Trump’s “dumb sh*t,” Burr admits he wouldn’t mind seeing the former president do a comedy special. Via Mediaite:

“Let’s not get into politics but it’s just like, there’s nobody in the world that I love listening try to convey an idea as much as — Donald Trump should have a f*cking Netflix special. Like when that guy isn’t president he is one of the funniest human beings I’ve ever heard in my life. He’s like such a character.”

To keep things bipartisan, Burr also thinks Joe Biden is “f*cking hilarious” even though he feels like there’s a Weekend at Bernie’s situation going on there. “They just wheel the guys out with f*cking sunglasses on,” Burr quipped.

(Via Mediaite)