Bill Burr Is Not Here For ‘F*cking Insane People’ Who Watch Cable News All Day Long

Bill Burr’s unfiltered opinions don’t stop, nor do they halt for this pandemic that simply won’t stop, either. He’s got no patience for the anti-vaxxer crowd (“you’re full of sh*t that you don’t trust it”), he will only sign copies of his newest comedy album for masked patrons, and he had Conan O’Brien rolling with an “honest, selfish thought” about the virus. Those opinions also stretch to the cable news networks who have been playing wall-to-wall coverage (or in Fox News’ case, coverage and some propaganda) about the coronavirus.

While stopping by to visit The Pat McAfee Show, Burr went off on cable news junkies who can’t get enough. Here’s how he feels about people who can’t quit those talking heads, via Mediaite:

“People who watch CNN & Fox all day are f*cking insane people. Those two channels, their job is just to scare you and divide America. That’s all they do… They sound like divorcees just blaming their spouse, talking sh*t about ’em, so I stay away from [them]. I can’t watch either one of those news channels without getting infuriated, just the fact that they act like they’re news.”

That’s arguably harsh but totally fair, and good on Bill Burr for knowing when to walk away from the TV. He declared that the act of powering off “just chills you out.” And just so you know that he’s serious, he added, “CNN, Fox is never on in my house unless someone has come over and put it on.” You can watch Bill’s appearance (at around the 55:00 minute mark) on The Pat McAfee Show below.

(Via Mediaite)