Bill Cosby Started A Vlog, Apparently

When I was a kid I remember watching the comedy special “Bill Cosby: Himself” with my mom and dad and being in awe. I laughed so hard. They laughed so hard. Bill Cosby was able to transcend generational differences with his humor. That was then.

Reports the Daily Dot:

Yesterday, (Cosby) shared three videos, one of which is a 10 second video of himself saying slowly, “I ate myself into this, and I am going to eat myself out of it.”

Redditors, who found the video, have speculated Cosby was talking about a recent health diagnosis, perhaps diabetes. They didn’t seem impressed. Rather, they seemed highly confused.

Another video uploaded yesterday onto the channel has Cosby talking about one of Santa’s helper elves named Stymie, who works as Santa’s Dietitian.

While most of the commenters on YouTube are highly supportive, expressing their love, many YouTubers are equally perplexed.

What the fuck is this dude talking about these days? commented RastaMastaKonTiki on the “Santas Dietitian” video. “Cosby is losing it,” added MarkThaddeus911.

You’ve had a good run, Cosby. Now leave the YouTube video-making to the professionals — professionals like Jenna Marbles