Bill Murray Shredded The Ghostbusters 3 Script?

To recap, rumors of a third Ghostbusters movie have been circulating since at least 2008. Then Ivan Reitman confirmed rumors that he’d direct it. They need Bill Murray to sign off the script before they can go ahead with it, and Murray told Howard Stern back in February that the script was on his desk, but he hadn’t got around to reading it yet. Then Dan Aykroyd (when he wasn’t busy sharing his fascinating conspiracy theories) went on “The Dennis Miller Show” (which is a real thing, we guess) to claim “Ghostbusters 3 is filming in 2012″ along with a lot of other things of questionable veracity.

Now the journalistic bastion that is The National Enquirer claims Murray finally read the script and responded by sending a box to Aykroyd and Harold Ramis filled with a shredded bits of the script and a note that read, “No one wants to pay money to see fat, old men chasing ghosts!” Since this is coming from a tabloid and phrased in that ridiculous, breathy, inexplicably-capitalizing-entire-words-midsentence writing style, I have trouble taking this seriously. Let’s sum it up this way:

Things we know about Bill Murray:

  • He will crash your house party.
  • He will crash your karaoke party.
  • Dude loves to party.
  • He headbutted McG.
  • He will walk up to you in a restaurant, steal a french fry off your plate, then say, “No one will ever believe you.”
  • He is awesome.

Things that may be true about Bill Murray:

  • He may have access to a cross-cut shredder.
  • He may be the last sane man in Hollywood.
  • He may have just approached our inner child with fond memories of Ghostbusters and said, “Show me where the bullies are.”