Watch Bill Nye Explain The Theory Of Evolution Using Nothing But Emoji

It really shouldn’t be controversial in some quarters that we grow and change as a species. Just go to any building older than a century in New England and you’ll learn the hard way we used to be a lot shorter, as a people. But some people need it explained to them, and some people need a refresher on the theory. Hence, Bill Nye explains it the simplest way possible: With emoji. It takes him a minute and a half.

Nye, of course, is a passionate defender of science: Witness his polite takedown of the dissembling Ken Ham. And lately he’s been stuck dealing with whiners. So it’s nice to see him in a more whimsical mode, laying out the basics of a scientific theory.

Mostly it just makes us miss his show. Hey, Silicon Valley has a lot of money, right? Come on, Internet billionaires, cough up a few million and let’s have Bill Nye make a science show for adults on Netflix.