The Internet Is Tap-Dancing On Bill O’Reilly’s Career Grave After Fox News Cut Him Loose

The “No-Spin Zone” has officially come to an end for Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly after weeks of accelerating speculation over what the network would do about the mass advertiser exodus. The final decision of the Murdoch family came down like a hammer after Gabriel Sherman predicted it would happen soon. And a long-term (alleged) pattern of sexual harassment has ended in O’Reilly’s ousting a few weeks after the April 1 New York Times report about the $13 million cumulative total paid by O’Reilly and Fox to five accusers.

Needless to say, the former Fox News talking head — who shook hands with Pope Francis today outside the Vatican — will not soon be calling anyone “hot chocolate” while making grunty noises. By Monday, his 8:00pm EST time slot shall be filled by Tucker Carlson, mere weeks after President Trump defended O’Reilly as “a good person.”

Yet here’s a reminder that Cam’ron tried to warn everyone, long ago.

Once the news of O’Reilly’s departure arrived, the Internet threw down with a massive celebration. Witness.

Other than the necessary announcements, Fox News has remained fairly silent in the wake of this embarrassing spectacle. People have noticed.

Jokes about the possible new lineup were to be expected.

Also FYI, an old Trump tweet about O’Reilly being called a “complete and total vulgarian” came home to roost. There really is a Trump tweet for every occasion.

And the party continues…. hey, has anyone spoken to Marilyn Manson yet?