Bill O’Reilly Reminded Everyone That He’s Still Alive (And A Bloviating Hothead) By Losing His Mind Over The July 4th Mass Shooting

Every so often, one’s reminded that Bill O’Reilly is still around and acting like the same old Bill O’Reilly. This usually happens because O’Reilly has alerted everyone to his presence by saying something (at least moderately) awful, long after he became known for (reportedly) grunting like a wild boar while referring to a female coworker as “Hot Chocolate.” A $30 million sexual harassment settlement later, and O’Reilly went on from Fox News to become a podcaster who ranted about clothing sizes. He’s also been melting down at airports and threatening to have people fired because he (like everyone else) is experiencing massive airport delays lately.

O’Reilly’s ranting elsewhere now, and he’s hopping mad about anyone threatening any type of gun control law. O’Reilly is also very upset about Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker speaking about the mass shooting at a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, outside of Chicago. A lone gunman killed at least seven people and injured dozens, and O’Reilly seems to be awfully angry after Pritzker (accurately) stated that the Founding Fathers were referring to muskets, rather than assault weapons when crafting the Second Amendment.

Here’s a video clip from O’Reilly’s own website (via Ron Filipkoswki on Twitter). He unleashed a racially charged rant for the ages here:

There’s no telling why O’Reilly was tying “minority gangs” to this mass shooting, which was carried out by a Robert E. Crimo III, a 21-year-old Caucasian male who’s been charged with seven counts of first-degree murder. Investigators have revealed how Crimo (via CNN) allegedly planned the mass shooting “for several weeks” and disguised himself by wearing women’s clothing as he attended the Fourth of July parade. The suspect remains in custody.