‘Bioshock Infinite’ Will Have A Reversible Cover That Might Actually Be Good

The cover for Bioshock Infinite is super boring and lame, but don’t worry, there’s good news! The game’s coming with a reversible cover! So the dudebros can have their stubbly shotgun guy, and everyone else can have an actual piece of art. Fans can vote on the art they want used for the reversible cover and hey, if you don’t like what’s chosen, you can just print off your own! Guys, Ken Levine just wants you to be happy about your Bioshock box art so, so bad.

Hit the jump for some of the options for Bioshock Infinite’s reversible cover…

I would love to see this one chosen. “Here, have the exact same cover except with this lady tucked away in the back corner.” Let’s make it happen.

This is my non-snarky pick.

Again, you can vote on which cover you want right here.