BioWare Caves — Mass Effect 3 to Receive Free Extended Ending DLC

So, because a lot of gamers have never watched a non-Michael Bay movie, or read all the way through a book, a lot of them found themselves upset by Mass Effect 3’s endings.

“Wait a minute! This didn’t bring perfect, tidy closure to every plotline! Even though I avoided picking the obvious evil options, some bad things still happened to my character! It…it made me feel sad! Video games end with a ‘Congratulations’ screen and a princess. Where was my princess?!

Don’t worry guys, you’re getting your princess. Yup, faced with a seemingly unending wave of frothing nerd entitlement, BioWare is caving and releasing “Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut” a free DLC pack that will provide more “context and clarity” for fans upset by the currently available endings.

BioWare continues to cling to the last tattered shreds of it’s artistic integrity, claiming there will be no all-new endings where everyone lives, Shepard gets married to the most beautiful girl/guy/creature in the galaxy and goes to live on Planet Cupcake. They’re simply fleshing out the existing endings. We’ll see how long that lasts.

So there you go. I don’t want to sound harsh, but if you actually download this DLC you’re a big baby. No really, there are melancholy endings where people die in entertainment made for 10-year-olds like the Star Wars movies and Harry Potter books. What BioWare did with the ending of Mass Effect wasn’t crazy, or excessively artsy-fartsy, it was something done in mainstream entertainment all the time. Grow up.

via The Mary Sue