Parents In Charlotte Are Angry About This ‘Bootie’ Question That Showed Up On Their Kids’ Homework

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11.14.14 26 Comments

My anaconda don’t want none of this genetics quiz. Parents are up in arms at a Charlotte, North Carolina high school after kids came home with homework featuring a question about butts — really big butts. Some are calling it racist, others feel it’s way out of bounds for high school kids.

Me? I’m just mad they spelled “booty” wrong.

I didn’t take genetics and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but I believe LaPrincess will end up with a big booty, right?

*high fives no one in particular

A mother that spoke to WSBTV says the assignment went out on Monday, and she’s still waiting for an explanation:

“I am extremely concerned that this type of language is being used and considered expectable [sic] to be issued to students,” she said while asking for an explanation.

According to an image of the assignment provided to WBTV, the questions before and after the “bootie” question revolved around “stinky feet” and the height of plants.

The teacher has since apologized for the booty-driven homework.

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