A Boston Cab Driver Who Returned $187,000 Was Less Than Pleased With His $100 Reward

07.06.16 2 years ago
boston cabbie

CBS Boston

How many times have you left something in a cab or an Uber and have it returned to you? Usually when we forget something, it’s never going to be found again. Sometimes we get caught up in the moment or had too much to drink and we leave an umbrella or even a smartphone in the back of a cab, but what about a bag full of cash? $187,000 to be exact. In a story that seems like a plot line for a 1980s movie starring Eddie Murphy, a homeless man who inherited a large sum of cash accidentally left his backpack full of bills in the back of Raymond “Buzzy” MacCausland’s Boston cab.

The man’s name was on the bag and MacCausland decided to do the right thing and brought the stacks of cash to authorities. MacCausland told The Boston Globe that he was worried it was “drug money, stolen money, or Whitey Bulger money.” It didn’t take long to track down the homeless man who has been staying at a hotel since he received his inheritance. For a reward, the man gave the 72-year-old cabbie a meager $100.

Although upset, it’s a lot better than the reward he received when he returned a briefcase full of cash over 30 years ago. That time, he got a ‘thank you’ and that was it. But, karma is starting to be pretty nice to MacCausland. Royal Caribbean contacted MacCausland and gave him and his long-time girlfriend a free 7-day cruise to the Caribbean including airfare. There’s also a GoFundMe with a goal of $5,000 to help out the struggling cabbie who has been driving around the streets of Boston for 40 years.

(Via Boston Globe)

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