Watch A Bunch Of Boston Commuters Breaking Windows On A Red Line Train To Escape An Alleged Fire

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The morning commute to work or school can be a killer whenever public transit is involved. Huge crowds, long waits, constant delays — it’s difficult to see how anything else could possibly make it worse. Unless, of course, there’s a fire. If there’s a fire, it is most definitely worse.

That’s allegedly what happened on Boston’s Red Line train this morning:

Jordan Tong said about 20 people in a car with doors that would not open were screaming for help, and there was no one from the MBTA responding.

“People were trying to pry open the doors,” Tong said. “The doors were all locked, and some big guy decided to kick the door and break the glass.”

MBTA officials said there was no smoke and no fire. They blamed the incident on the train’s propulsion system which cause a “burst of smoke.” (Via WCVB)

Okay then. There was no fire. Instead, there was a mass panic, lots of screaming, and crowds of uncontrollable people trying to get off the train by any means necessary. In other words, a normal day on the “T” in Boston.

(Via WCVB)

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