The Boston Red Sox Won The World Series And Here Come The F-Bombs

In 2013, you can guarantee two things from a World Series win:

1. The people who live in that team’s city, even the ones who don’t watch baseball, will go crazy and start flipping and burning everything, and
2. Everyone will start saying “f*ck” on television.

It just happens. Back in April, David Ortiz experimented in the field of justifiable f-bombs, and I guess it makes sense that a season that began with flagrant broadcast cursing would end with it.

Last night, the Boston Red Sox defeated the St. Louis Cardinals 6-1 in Game 6 to take home their third World Series Cup in nine years. Like clockwork, Jon Lester interrupted an Erin Andrews interview with John Lackey by leaning in and announcing, “have we said f*ck by accident yet? We haven’t? Oh shit, well, f*ck!”

See, this is why the Detroit Tigers should’ve made it to the World Series. Justin Bieber wouldn’t have cursed on TV.

The charming follow-up to that features a drunk guy explaining how history works:

So yeah, congratulations to the f*cking Red Sox. I hope nobody accidentally says f*ck during your parade. Wink wink, nudge nudge.