You’ll Love Anthony Bourdain’s Response To A Heckler Who Accused Him Of Eating Dog Meat

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11.21.16 16 Comments

Is eating dog meat morally corrupt? A heckling protestor interrupted Anthony Bourdain as he took to the stage during his The Hunger show in San Francisco (of course) last night to harangue Bourdain on that very issue. There’s been a surge of anti dog meat movements lately around the US, mostly in reaction to the Chinese festival that highlights eating dog. It seems a fringe issue amongst populist protestors as of late, and it’s seeping into more mainstream food culture.

Bourdain took the heckler in stride and even let them get their piece out before losing patience. Bourdain played with the heckler a bit by affirming that he “liked dogs, but how much worse can they be than, like, kale?” The audience was not as centered as Bourdain and almost immediately started booing and jeering the heckler. Bourdain tried to end the whole session by asking the heckler, “Can I tell some dick jokes? Would that be okay?” But to no avail.

The heckler refused to let up and finally Bourdain delivered the coup de grace verbal blow of “20 more seconds of this I’m going out and shooting a puppy in the f*cking head.” Finally the protesting heckler was removed by security and the show went on, likely with plenty of dick jokes and an audience emboldened and curious what dog meat tastes like. You can watch it all below:

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