This Man Is Putting His Own Life In Danger To Save Dogs From Being Eaten

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05.05.16 3 Comments

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They are dying out there. The dogs I sacrificed my life to save. Dying – becoming words that crumble into the air without forming sentences. It is hard watching the death you save bleed into the night, and in the end die anyways. It is hard to stand there on the other side of the world, and look down as wars are waged. As lives are lost in a land where books have no covers, and sentences no periods to end it. That is why I know the journey that started off as a single person's determination to save lives cannot be achieved. There are no happy endings. There are no heroic stories about transformation and the leading of lives out from darkness. I watched as they were tortured alive. I watch as stains that drip from the machete cut into my own life. And I tell her that I am whole. I speak to her in the middle of the night. I fold words that fall off my tongue into pieces that she bites off my lips. In another world, and maybe in another life I would be a hero. Maybe if I was born different. Maybe if on the day I entered this world, I was born as something else. Then maybe I would know my name. Then maybe as I walk through life I could feel my face. Then maybe in the middle of the night when I close my eyes, I could feel your breath next to mine. When I look back into history. When I look at the struggles waged and the people that sacrificed themselves for the cause – I have never once read about happiness. It is always about death. It is always the soul shattering at the crack of darkness. And real change, never found until their lives become that period to the end. Love is never found in war. And heroes, never in stories like my stories. There are no happy endings. No lives saved that can outweigh the death. Find me there on Tuesday. Hero – may you rest in peace. My heart in your heart. Your paw, blood on my skin I will never forget. Forever. #MarcChing #animalhopeandwellness

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More than 30 million dogs are eaten in Asia every year. To put that in perspective, in the U.S., about 3.9 million dogs are put in shelters each year, and 1.2 million of those dogs are euthanized. For Marc Ching, this is unacceptable.

At his local level, Ching owns Petstaurant, which provides healthy food for pets, in addition to the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, an abused and neglected dog rescue based in the Los Angeles area. Now, he’s upping the ante — and putting his life in danger — by posing undercover as an American businessman looking to buy dog meat from canine slaughterhouses around Asia in order to shine light on their barbarous butchering and torture methods.

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